Stephen Romano Gallery is very pleased to announce it's inaugural solo exhibition in it's new Bushwick location 

of a one person exhibition of a new series by



Rithika Merchant "Lycanthropy" 2015, 50 x 70 cms, Gouache and Ink on Paper


September 3 - October 15 2015

opening reception September 3, 5 - 9 pm

the artist will be present

a full color catalog will be available with an interview with the artist by Decadence Darling as well as texts by Randall Morris and Allison C. Meier.

Rithika Merchant's exhibition is complimented by the concurrent exhibition "LEXICON INFERNALI"

Rithika Merchant "Sacred Moon (Fertile Crescent)" 2015, 50 x 70 cm, Gouache and Ink on Paper

Stephen Romano Gallery is very pleased to announce it's inaugural solo exhibition in it's new Bushwick location of a one person exhibition of a new series by RITHIKA MERCHANT entitled "LUNA TABULATORUM".  The exhibition will open September 3 with a reception for the artist from 5 - 9 pm and run through October 15 2015.  The exhibition will be accompanied by a full color catalog of works in the exhibition with an interview with the artist by Decadence Darling (who has written for Beautiful Bizarre Magazine) as well as texts by Randall Morris and Allison C. Meier. 

Rithika Merchant was born in Bombay India in 1986, and studied at Hellenic International Studies In The Arts, Paros, Greece and received her BFA with honors from Parsons The New School For Design, New York, U.S.A. in 2008.  Since that time Rithika has had solo exhibitions in Portugal, Mumbai, India, Barcelona, Spain, and most recently in Nuremberg, Germany. Her art has appeared in several group exhibitions as well, including The Armature Project in Grand Central Station, New York, Articule Gallery, Montréal, Madder Moon Gallery, Singapore, In Missa Interfectionis Stephen Romano Gallery, Brooklyn, Metro Curates Art Fair at The Metropolitan Pavilion, New York, Summerhall, Edinburgh, Scotland, and Morbid Anatomy Museum on Brooklyn New York.

Rithika Merchant's art has been published frequently including Hi-Fructose Magazine, Widewalls, The Times of India, Disinformation, The Economic Times, Juxtapoz Magazine, and many others.  This is Rithika Merchant's first solo exhibition in New York.

Of her works in the exhibition "LUNA TABULATORUM" Rithika Merchant says:

"For nearly all of the recorded history of mankind,  the moon, the brightest object in the night sky, and the only celestial body with features visible to the naked eye - has captured the imagination and interest of people everywhere. There are countless odes to the moon in music, literature, art and religion. The moon had been linked to madness, transformation, femininity and the occult.

The moon was also thought to be the resting place of the gods, hence the moon’s earliest significance was sacred. The moon and the sun are the foundations on which many of the world’s ancient religions have been founded.

Islam follows a lunar calendar, In Kabbala Judaism the moon is the symbol of King David. In Hinduism, Shiva is symbolized by the moon. Many well known mythologies feature lunar deities as well, such as Greek goddesses Artemis and Selene and male gods such as Sin of Mesopotamia and Ibis of Thebes.

The monthly cycle of the moon has also been linked to the menstrual cycle by many cultures. There are links between the words for menstruation and moon in many languages.  I see the moon as a meaningful universal object that links humanity by its importance, its presence and its significance. Being particularity interested in creating links between cultures the moon has been a very enlightening muse."  


For further information and visuals, please contact Stephen Romano at 646 709 4725 or


Rithika Merchant "Syzygy" 2015, 70 x 50 cms, Gouache and Ink on Paper

Rithika Merchant "Lilit Births The Djinn" 2015, 100 x 70 cms, Gouache and Ink on Paper



Rithika Merchant (b. 1986) deals with creating mosaics of myths that question received histories that are available to us throughout culture. An inherent feminism exists in her decoration undermining the minimalism of modernity that views a woman just as a muse.

In 2008 she graduated with a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Parsons the New School for Design in New York. She has studied painting and conceptual practice at the Hellenic International Studies In The Arts in Paros, Greece. In 2008 she was a resident at the Convento Sao Francisco Mertola in Mertola, Portugal.

Her recent projects include an international residency where she researched the folk culture of the native German speaking Swabians in Garana a village in the Banaat region of Romania as a part of Arthouse Wolfberg/Garana where she was commissioned for a triptych for the regional art museum.

She has had two solo showings in Mumbai - “Origin of Species” in 2011, followed by “Mythography” in 2013. Recent exhibitions include a solo show “Encyclopaedia of the Strange” in Nuremberg,Germany, a duo show “Reliquaries: The Remembered Self” in Mumbai, India, as well as group shows in Edinburgh, Scotland and Kochi, India.

Her work was also included in multiple group shows at Stephen Romano Gallery in New York, including "In Missa Interfectionis, Verum" The Dance with Death October - April 2015, "Abundantia Cornu Copiae, Breviter" and "Metro Curates" the Metro Art Fair 2015.

Rithika Merchant is represented in the USA by Stephen Romano Gallery.

Born in Bombay she now divides her time between Bombay and Barcelona.



Rithika Merchant's art at Metro Curates NYC January 2015 (with sculpture by Judith Scott).






Art of Rithika Merchant : Myths, Rituals, and Folklore

The Origin of New Species - Rithika Merchant

Of Myths & Legends

Rithika Merchant’s Mythography


About Stephen Romano Gallery

Stephen Romano Gallery is a new addition to the Brooklyn art gallery community, having opened its doors in April of 2014 in Dumbo and presently relocating to Bushwick, opening with an exhibition of works by Rithika Merchant in September of 2015.

Prior to opening the current gallery, Stephen Romano was a private art dealer for 15 years specializing in masters of self-taught and visionary art such as Henry Darger, Martin Ramirez, Charles Dellschau, Bill Traylor, Darcilio Lima, and many others. The Gallery's most recent exhibition El Gato Chimney’s “De Rerum Natura” was well received and reviewed, as was the preceding exhibition "Trypophobia" by Colin Christian. Stephen Romano Gallery also mounted the most ambitious exhibition of works by pictorialist photographer William Mortensen to coincide with the release of the book "American Grotesque" published by Feral House.

Stephen Romano has been a participant in many art fairs including PULSE, The Metro Show, and the Outsider Art Fair.

In 2013, Stephen Romano produced a seminal 330-page monograph on visionary artist CHARLES A.A. DELLSCHAU (1830 - 1923) designed by Marquand Books and distributed by DAP. The book generated several positive reviews from a wide variety of publications such as Bookforum, Raw Vision Magazine, The Atlantic, Slate, Antiques and the arts and Design Observer, among many others. With an introduction by Stephen Romano, the book features the final published essay by renowned art writer Thomas McEvilley, as well as contributions from the founder of The Museum of Everything, James Brett, and the curator of Smithsonian Museum of Aerospace, Thomas Croutch.

In the same year, Romano also published the first ever post-mortem catalog of works by Brazilian visionary Darcilio Lima and most recently a catalogue of an previously unknown photographic series from 1925 by William Mortensen entitled "A Pictorial Compendium of Witchcraft," with an introduction by A.D. Coleman and essay by Tom Pattersen. Most recently, Stephen Romano Gallery had the honor of publishing a catalog of works by Pavel Kraus with an essay by David Ebony, as well as a catalog for Chinese artist Lu Zhang with essay by Robert C. Morgan. In 2015, the gallery produced a catalog of the "TRYPOPHOBIA" exhibition by Colin Christian with texts by Kris Kuksi, Allison C. Meier and Samuel D. Gliner. The most recent catalog was the gallery published was on Italian artist El Gato Chimney with texts by Martin Wittfooth, Pamela Grossman and Michela D'Acquisto.

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