Dan Barry and Jana Brike

Collaborative works

The Collaborative works of Dan Barry and Jana Brike were featured at PULSE NEW YORK Art Fair, May 9 - 12 2013 AT THE METROPOLITAN PAVILION, 125 WEST 18TH STREET NYC NY. and THE METRO SHOW NYC January 2013





Dan Barry and Jana Brike initially met as many creative people do these days - via social media. Their chance online meeting quickly evolved, however, into a true friendship and collaborative working relationship, the great distance between Austin, Texas and Riga, Latvia notwithstanding. For several years, Dan and Jana have been co-creating artworks, each adding touches in their own studios and then periodically sending the works-in-progress back and forth via the postal service. The result is a collection of emotionally charged, texturally beautiful pieces that intriguingly blend both artists’ idiosyncratic styles.

As solo artists, Barry and Brike have each exhibited extensively in the United States and Europe. They also exhibited their artworks along side of one another in June 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Dan Barry and Jana Brike collaborative works at PULSE ART FAIR 2013
Dan Barry and Jana Brike collaborative works at MERTO SHOW NYC 2013 with Heman Finney and Darcilio Lima