Steven Baines (Born 1972). Lives and works in New York City.

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The paintings of Steven Baines will be featured at THE METRO SHOW, JANUARY 23-26, 2014 AT THE METROPOLITAN PAVILION, 125 WEST 18TH STREET NYC NY.


Steven Baines oil paintings aim to be metaphors for the passage of time, the brevity of human life. They often continue the traditions of Vanitas and Momento Mori paintings. However they are not heavy or morbid. They are optimistic and humorous, like sad, dark lyrics in a catchy lighthearted melody. Sometimes within romantic settings and other times within bright bold abstractions, figurative images have been chosen for their symbolic value to represent the fragile and transitory nature of life: bubbles, monkeys, bones, birds, UFOs....








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"Aiming to be beautiful, tragic, dramatic, even romantic - but something about them (an innate sense of humor?)

questions the sincerity. This line between sincerity and the absurd is what I find always creeps into my work. 

Are they more poetic when viewed as sincere attempts at beauty or more poetic viewed as tragically

mocking that same sincerity? 

When I work I truly do work in waves of sincerity then it becomes absurd to me. 

When I see the absurdity of it all is when I feel it becomes most beautiful and poetic." -Steven Baines 2013.